3 Day Potty Training Reviews

I have received well over a thousand thank-you emails over the years. The posts you see on these pages are a small sampling of those emails.

There are many aspects to potty training. On the left hand side of the page you will see several aspects or topics related to potty training. I’ve organized the “thank you” emails into those categories. Many emails belong to more than one category - for example, a mother may be thanking me for my potty training tips which helped her with her stubborn son. So, that email would show up in the “potty training a stubborn child” and “potty training tips” categories.

Similarly, if somebody says they were skeptical about my program, that email would show up under the “skeptical about potty training in 3 days” category.

If you’ve got a few minutes - please spend some time looking over the emails in the different categories.

As time permits, I will continue to add to this collection. I still have a couple hundred more that I need to post :)

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My one-on-one potty training tips and mentoring are only available at 3DayPottyTraining.com. Your experience may vary.

Smiles ~
Lora Jensen