Potty Training Problems

Over the years, countless parents have shared with me the problems and frustrations associated with their potty training efforts. One of the biggest causes for your frustration is the lack of a proven method or plan.

Has it happened to you, too?

Did you buy a potty chair or a toilet seat cover and let your child sit on it? Maybe they even peed in it. So you think, this is easy, I'll just give her more water or juice to drink and "viola!" - she'll be potty trained.

Did they lose interest? Are they resisting? Are they screaming? Do they "try" on the toilet, only to actualy pee once they get off the toilet?

Maybe you thought, "What if I use rewards or a sticker chart? Parents use those. Those have to work."

What about bowel movements? Does your child hold it and only want to go in their diaper or pull-up?

So many parents begin potty training like that. They buy the potty chair, they buy pull-ups, they buy rewards, they buy underwear and they repeatedly have the child try on the toilet or potty chair.

But things don't go as expected.

Maybe you talk to a relative who offers one suggestion of how to potty train, or you speak to someone else who has a slightly different method. Then, perhaps you go chat on an online forum, where you get even more feedback from people who have tried various approaches.

What ends up happening is that you fail to apply one, consistent potty training method that works. And as your child continues to have accidents, you grow more and more discouraged. You see the potty training process stretching out for weeks and even months - and you are still not confident that whatever you're doing is the "right" way to successfully potty train.

It doesn't need to be this way.

If you haven't started training yet, or if you've been potty training for 10 days or more, seriously weigh the bennefits of using my 3 Day Potty Training program. You'll save time and hassle. You simply need the right method and principles.

This is exactly what I offer with my 3 Day Potty Training eBook:

  1. A positive approach to potty training that emphasizes love, consistency and patience
  2. A method that, when implemented correctly, will teach your child to communicate with you when he or she needs to go
  3. FREE personal mentoring and consulting from me, Lora Jensen - the author of this eBook and the self-proclaimed "queen of potty training"!
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