Potty Training Help

Whew!! Potty training can be challenging and frustrating, but help is available! Parents who follow a written, proven potty training method conclude their potty training efforts dramatically sooner than those who do not.

My name is Lora Jensen. I authored the eBook, 3 Day Potty Training, to help make toilet training go by quickly and completely.

Many parents find the included personal mentoring and consultations an invaluable component to their purchase because they get a timely response that directly addresses their problem. I don't give just 1 or two sentence responses, but several paragraphs to help make sure you understand how to correctly implement the principles.

A book can only emphasize so much. You are left to interpret a lot and fill in the gaps.

In a consultation, on the other hand, the subtleties and nuances as they relate to your particular situation can be identified and emphasized.

Having access to me, the author, is like having a secret weapon.

"Will this be easy?"

This is an intense program - not so much for the child, but for you: no shopping, no visiting with friends and no "me" time. In one mom's opinion, "... It was hell, I won't lie... During those three days, there was a big sense of defeat, many times, but looking back, we crammed all of that ick into three days instead of three months... I seriously recommend the ebook. It took about 20 minutes to read it." (link available upon request)

My eBook does have a section on how you can include your spouse or the child's caregiver in your efforts.

"What else can I expect when I use this method?"

Accidents will happen - they are part of the learning process. Take them in stride.

"How does the mentoring work?"

After purchasing the eBook, your helpdesk account is instantly created to allow you to post your questions. You may ask as many questions as you need - even year after year - but the helpdesk will not permit you to have more than one ticket open at any given time. Tickets are responded to in under 24 hours.

"Do I Have To Buy Any Specialized Products?"

You do not need to buy special dolls or timers or watches. But you will need underwear, drinks and treats. A potty chair is helpful but not necessary.

"Does This Work With Stubborn Children?"

Yes. See more customer's experiences using 3 Day Potty Training with a stubborn child.

"Will This Be Stressful On My Child? Will My Child Feel Pressured?"

My method is very nurturing. In my method, you are to communicate a single instruction to your child and you are to remain upbeat and positive. Scolding, making the child "try", punishing, or giving negative reinforcement of any kind are not part of my method.

"Does This Work For Both Boys And Girls?"

Yes. The principles and method do not favor one gender over the other.

"Will my child be naked during the training process?"

No - that is not part of my program. There many potty trainig methods out there that claim to be a 3 day method that have your child running around naked or running to the toilet every time a timer rings. The 3 Day Potty Training method is not this way at all. Those methods do not create lasting results for day, night, pee, or potty training. I feel stongly about not having the child run around naked, because the second you put clothes back on the child, they treat it like a diaper.

"Is the ebook a quick read?"

It's around 40 pages. Be prepared to spend 30-40 minutes reading it the first time.

"Every child is different. Will This Work For My Child?"

My method accomodates children with a wide range of personalities, temperaments and developmental challenges. If you run into problems, one-on-one mentoring is available to help you and your child through this transition.

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