How To Potty Train

Many parents find the free mentoring and consultations an invaluable component to their purchase because they get a timely response that directly addresses their problem - something you won't get in a forum or online community. Something else you won't find in a forum or community is a committment to help you succeed. I don't give just 1 or two sentence responses, but several paragraphs to help make sure you understand how to correctly implement the principles.

A book can only emphasize so much. You are left to interpret a lot and fill in the gaps.

In a consultation, on the other hand, the subtleties and nuances as they relate to your particular situation can be identified and emphasized.

Having access to me, the author, can help you feel like there's no way you can fail. It's like having a secret weapon.

Let me tell you what you'll learn from 3 Day Potty Training - and why you MUST have this eBook if you're ready to leave the diapers, pullups, mess and inconvenience behind forever!

PLUS, 3 Day Potty Training also teaches you...

Follow A Proven, Written Plan

That is the number 1 secret to successful potty training. But why stop there? Virtually guarantee your success by also getting a mentor.

With me as your mentor, you won't needlessly make the mistakes that so many other parents make. I can tell you what works, and what doesn't work. With my mentoring and 3 Day Potty Training eBook, you are placing yourself in good hands. I will take care of you.

If you decide you would rather not use my the step-by-step 3 Day Potty Training ebook plus free unlimited helpdesk support, you may find yourself wasting valuable time hunting down the answers to these questions:

Don't wait until you are in the middle of potty training before you begin looking for ways to work through any obstacles. Why? Because it will take you time to find "the answer" to each problem you face. You may get more than one solution, and you will waste precious time separating out what works from what doesn't.

Worse, depending on what you do, you may even drag out the potty training process to well over a month! How many of you know someone with kids who have been in pull-ups for 6 months - maybe even a year? Maybe even your own child?

Give your potty training efforts the best possible chance for success

Get the facts, principles, method and support from somebody who does this for a living... somebody who is passionate about it, and who has offered to be your mentor.

Your experience will vary as every child is different. I can help you adapt my 3 Day Potty Training method to your child's particular needs. Parents of stubborn children have found my helpdesk to be an invaluable tool where they receive help and advice that is taylored to their own circumstances.

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