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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.


I can’t thank you enough!!! I purchased your book 2/5/08 and IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!!!! I have a 5 year old son with PDD (Autism) and I never EVER EVER thought he would get potty trained!!!!! The hardest thing I had to do was find 3 days to devote to the training. My son has preschool, PT, OT and speech and I work 2 days a week! Anyway, I finally did March 8,9, and 10!!!!!!! I actually cried when HE finally told me on the 3rd day he had to pee. Also, the pooping is going great. He has a dry bed every night and he even goes himself now!!!!! YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I followed your directions to a T and had alot of confidence when we started! It was a tough 3 days as you know, BUT- WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! I’ve told many people about it and they can’t believe it. I tell them to go on your website and order it!! Alot of mothers I talk to are very selfish though, and WON’T give up 3 days! I tell them they are nuts but that is their problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You should be very proud of yourself and I am very thankful that I found you and your book! Believe me-we tried EVERYTHING for 2 years! Thank you again!

There will be a place for you in heaven!!!!!!!

Millons of Thanks-

Mirelle’s potty training

Friday, June 1st, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Dear Lora

After having gone three days of potty training with Mirelle, my little 4 year old preemie, she had finally got it right! I’m so thankful to you for your encouragement initially I do have my doubts.

Now watching her play and suddenly see her rushing to me and dragging me to her potty made me so proud of her!

I have a little problem though. What do I do when I bring her out for her medical appointments! Will she get used to the “Big” potty in hospital washrooms or shopping malls! The idea of putting her on diapers was very tempting. Since she could sign me when she need to go, surely she would do that even if she’s on diapers?

What do you think?

Once desperate but now happy Mom

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