skeptical about potty training in 3 days

You guys won’t believe this!!!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Its now Day 3 of potty training, supposedly the END according to the potty training GURU. I was a skeptic myself. In fact, I think I went into this thinking its not gonna happen, she just isnt ready. I guess it was mommy who wasnt ready because its now almost 5 and not one accident all day! I know I should knock on wood, but even if she did have ONE who cares! Do you know how far we have come? I started from ground zero with this kid! The first two days were stressful, especially with a teething baby on my hands. Day 2 was the worst, since Chris wasnt here. It really helped having a second pair of hands/eyes on her all day the first day. I wanted to come post an update last night…but this would of been all I would have posted…

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed. I thought, no way will she get this in 3 days. My kid is sloooow. This 3 day lady is crazy. What was I thinking? lol You get the point. But, this morning she woke up and immediately asked to go potty. She has told me every single time since. I didnt even use a pull-up for naptime and she woke up dry…FIRST TIME EVER! Its been a great day! To anyone with kids who arent potty trained yet…I highly suggest doing this when it comes time (and the GURU says anyone over 22 months that can communicate, even if they dont talk)! Its a stressful 3 days (2 really for Ava), but worth it in the end. The best part of it all, Ive never seen my daughter so proud of herself. Who knew potty training was a life lesson for success and self-esteem?

happy customer

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Dear Lora

I have been meaning to drop you a line of feedback for a while now. I successfully used your 3 day potty training ebook in the beginning of April, much to my amazement and delight. My daughter and I had become the the talk of the creche groups. I am so pleased that I took the, what seemed at the time, big risk of paying for your ebook. It has been worth every penny spent on it. I am so proud of myself and my daughter for going for it and looking back the biggest thing that made me hesitate was the doubt in my daughter’s ability to be able to control herself. Of course you must receive numerous emails like this but i just wanted to thank you for being so kind hearted to have written your book so to spread the much needed pearls of wisdom throughout the world!!!! To be honest with you, toilet training my daughter has done more than just got my daughter out of nappies, it has inspired me to have belief in myself and my daughter to be able achieve goals together. I believe that had i tried to toilet train using the advice of friends and books it would have been quite a different story. Your simple method advice and words of encouragement worked a treat.

It has been about 6 weeks since the training started and accidents are occasional. She had wet herself whilst playing with friends when starting nursery and occasionally at night (such as when she had a temperature). I am so glad that i stuck it out with the night time too, during the first week of training i thought that it would take a long time to work as over half of the nights had resulted in wet sheets, although some nights she managed to stay dry. With in the first three days she pretty much mastered the day time toilet trips although she sometimes couldnt hold it long enough to get to the toilet. By the end of 2 weeks she was still bed wetting about 40% of the nights until i tried the advice of a friend who suggested lifting her after about 2-3hrs after her going to bed for another wee. by this time she had become used to being lifted in the night (after wetting the bed)and started to wee on demand although appearing to be still asleep. since then she very rarely wets the bed and when i lift her she generally doesnt wake properly or if she does wake then she always wants to go back to sleep. I was worried about lifting her initally as in the first few days of training she cried and screamed when i tried to place her on the toilet during the night so i stopped doing it. i think that as she got used the toilet she came around to the idea. she seems to sleep better too and now doesnt wake up at night seemingly for no reason and start crying as she did sometimes before potty training. she never needs soothing back to sleep now if she does wake. i wonder whether the damp nappies had caused the problem before?

She is so much cleaner and happier now. it had become a wrestling match to change her nappy before and i was just getting sick of changing them when she had become so capable. trying to pin down a pooy bum 2 year old is not easy!!!!toilets are the answer

Thanks so much and i am happy for you to use any comments that i have written for you website etc

Best regards

Helen Powell
Bristol England

It worked!!!!!!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.


I can’t believe it!!!! It clicked with my almost-four-year-old daughter halfway through the first day AND we have had two completely dry nights! It’s a miracle for sure… I never thought I would get her there! She started out excited about throwing out the diapers and putting on big girl underwear, but after holding in her pee for most of the morning when she couldn’t any longer, I had to endure an hour and a half of crying “I don’t want to wear underwear! I want my diapers!” She even searched through her room for any remaining ones. But I stuck it through and it clicked after a few times of going on the potty. I think it made all the difference that I was not forcing her to sit on the potty.

By day three (today), she is telling us exactly when she needs to go without any prompting from us. She even went off completely on her own and did number two all by herself and told us about it afterwards!! The final test will be seeing how she does at day care tomorrow. Her teacher was very supportive when I told her about it last week though, so I think we’ll be fine.

Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this has made us!

Karen Waller

My Very Clever Little Boy
Has Proved Lora Jensen Right!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Yep, we have tackled the big old toilet training issue during the 2nd week of the holidays.I was going to leave it until the summer holidays, but then thought maybe I’d go for it this week. I had forgotten that I had a book about potty training (Gina Ford) and whilst on line looking for a free potty chart, I came across Lora Jensen’s ad for 3 day potty training.Yes, you read that right….3 days! I half snorted with laughter- yeah right, 3 days? Most people I know are at it for ages. But I read on…..then bought the e-book (hoping I wasn’t wasting my money). I have to say my son is an absolute star! I never thought I could get excited about someone peeing on the toilet :).

The first three days were non-stop but you know what? IT WORKS!!!!!! Of course there are accidents and the whole dressing/undressing and climbing on the toilet issues still need addressing but so far today there have been no accidents! Oh….and I only have to change one lot of nappies- how nice :)

However Matthew is going through a ’scream if I am put down or mummy leaves the room’ stage- so with the constant toilet trips life has not been fun (add coughs all round and limited sleep and you get the picture). The coming week will be a real tester for Daniel as he is going to go to pre-school for three sessions a week rather than one (no, I didn’t just laugh with glee!). I am so glad that we have done this now. Hopefully by the summer we will have dry nights all the time too :) Of course, I haven’t got much else done as I have to drop everything at the words ‘I need the toilet’.

Ahhhhh. There are other things happening at the moment too- I’ll try and write again soon- but please leave your congratulations for my very clever little boy who has proved Lora Jensen right! Now I just need a full 12 hours of sleep and a child free day to catch up…….can I buy that on line too? Hmmm, thought not.

(Edited by Lora to save space; emphasis added)

A potty training miracle

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi lora,
I bought you 3 day programme online and i have to say its the best thing ever. It Totally worked for me. My daughter Jahida is now fully potty trained and still cant believe my eyes untill this day. I never ever thought it will take me in so less time to potty train her.

Thank you so much for your help and support appretiated :)

Looking forward for more training methods from you. How about Terrible Twos?


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