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Day three…Our Son is Potty Trained

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

I know you have all heard this before and you are right it may not work but we are hoping for a miracle! I have done a ton of research and found this one program that I bought on the internet to be the best one out there and she pretty much guarantees a successful endeavor.

… Day three … Our Son is Potty Trained

… Andrew and I believe the three day program was a HUGE success! No more diapers for our BIG boy!!! Hooray!

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Re: 3 Day Potty Training

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much for producing the ebook, I wish i’d discovered it 3 years ago for my daughter.

My son is just 3 and after attempting potty training a few times unsucessfully I googled potty training and found you, My husband didn’t belive it would happen in 3 days but I was prepared to try anything. On the morning of day three my son said he needed a pee and has told us every time since. Thankyou very much once again.

I will be recommending your ebook to everyone

First day back at Daycare

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora

I just wanted to let you know that Milo was able to stay dry all day long at his first day back at daycare. It worked!! I’m so thrilled. Thanks again for all your support and advice before and during the process. That sure made it easier knowing I wasn’t alone! I’ve posted the results on the mommies group site, so with any luck you’ll be getting more orders soon.

Speaking of which, I would like to give a copy of the book to my sister for working with her daughter. Is there a way to give her a gift certificate or something like that?

Thanks again! :)

Carole Bartolini

I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

“3 day potty training” Day #2!!!!!!!!!

Ok so Caity slept through the night with no diaper!!!!!! and didn’t have one single accident!!!!!!!

But as soon as she started waking up I put her on the potty chair and she went forever, LOL.

*********************Night update:

Ok so Caity had not ONE single peepee accident in her panties today.

Yesterday was kind of messy, But man this method is awesome. I can’t believe my eyes.

It like she woke up this morning understanding that she needed to tell me that she had to pee. and we will RUNNNNNNNNN to the potty and pull down the panties and go…..then scream and jump up and down.

You can tell she is really proud of herself. Although she hasn’t left the house since monday, I would feel confident takin her to the grocery store tomarrow. if fact I might try it just to see what she does if she has a good night and morning.

She went poop in the potty once……………….Then did have an accident, but I really think it was a true accident. Beacuse she came running in saying YUCKKKK, I need peepeeeeee. And you could tell she was generaly grossed out, and she never acted grossed out by her poop when she wore diapers. it was really runny poop, and I dont think she could hold it to make it inside to the little potty.

We will see how tonight goes.

I can’t believe she hasnt had a single diaper since monday, OMG, it just seems crazy.

This is three days of total dedication, but OMG Soooooooooooo worth it.

We will be camping all weekend so more 1 on 1 time not leaving each others site, and practicing.

I feel like i’m in boot camp with my daughter. But with this kind of awesome sucess in 48hrs, I’m a true believer in the 3 days method.


I used the 3 day potty training method without pull ups and etc. It went great. My son never had accidents through the night at all. It was the best method I have ever used. He had been potty trained for about 3 months now. The pooping in his pants takes a little longer to get over, but now he pretty much goes poop on the potty all of the time for me.

I wouldn’t trade those 3-5 days of dedication and frustration for months and months like other parents who are using pullups.

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I Prayed Today It Would “Click” - It Did

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Today is Day #3 of Potty Training. During my “quiet time” this morning I prayed specifically that today would be the day that it “clicks” with William. It did. We have had NO accidents… we have pooped in the potty TWICE and I’ve even been interrupted during a tension-filled phone conversation I was having with a dear friend with William wimpering loudly “mommy I want to go potty!” … His big sister is SOOOO proud of him - probably because every time he goes SHE also gets M and M candies to eat… just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Things are going well. If anyone needs advice on potty training don’t come to me just go buy the ebook by Lora Jensen and be encouraged that your little one will be done with diapers in 3 days from now

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