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Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter. She initially started using the potty when she was about 23 months old. She used regular panties and she did great. Sometimes she would have an occasional pee pee accident.

Well, we went on vacation though and used pull ups on the airplane in her carseat because we flew from NY to California. Well the whole trip was awful (in terms of potty training, she totally regressed). When we came home I just started leaving her underwear off so she could see when she was going to go. Then when I would go out I used pull ups.

Well currently at 30 months old she never tells me and has many accidents. I am so frustrated. I am lucky to stay at home with her so I just try and remind her(although after reading you ebook I realize I have been asking her if she has to go, not reminding her to tell me)

Also I never tried nighttime potty training! I feel like I wish I would have learned of this book soooooo many months ago.

I actually downloaded www.thepottytrainer.com and tried that last week. Well she is worse. By worse I mean she has always pooped in the toilet(since 23 months old) and never had poop accidents. When I said regressed earlier I meant pee only. Well yesterday after trying the methods from thepottytrainer, she had a poop accident. This other book recommends MAKING them go potty by a timer. Even if they are crying and screaming to force them.

So now I plan to just let her wear her underpants and follow your nighttime training method.

Then wait 30 days to try yours as you recommend.

I am a dwarf (3 feet 9 inches tall) and I walk with crutches so it is not easy to carry her quickly too far. I have been using multiple little potty chairs for her. I have a potty chair in the family room and one in the living room. So we just usually use the closest potty depending on where we are in the house. If we are in the bathroom or near the bathroom we use the regular toilet with a potty insert.

Can I continue doing this while using your method?

Also since we have had such a long go of this, do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks so much!

Nicole DePaul

I have to say thank you again because I was so uncomfortable with the other methods from www.thepottytrainer.com it just seems so negative. Today was just awful she has more accidents after following this method than she ever had!!!!!!! I am so happy to have your book now. THANKS!!!

I Highly Recommend Lora’s Program

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

The Mommy Recommends: 3 Day Potty Training

Lora Jensen’s 3 Day Potty Training program is completely effective. I highly recommend.

I’m here to say that McKenna is fully potty trained and it happened in the span of 2 days! I won’t go into all of details but suffice it to say that this method works! McKenna has consistently used the potty for #1 and #2 for two days and has had two dry nights. Diapers and pull-ups are a thing of the past. Wow.

The potty training guru is a fellow mom named Lora Jensen and she sells her downloadable guide for $24. It’s worth every penny and then some. She also avails herself via e-mail should you or your child hit a snag (McKenna did not, thankfully.) .

It all makes me realize that I could have done this months earlier. When I think that Ethan’s potty process occurred over the span of a few months–not days, I now see how much time I wasted. And how I probably sabotaged the whole thing by not being more focused and consistent.

McKenna’s thrilled and Mommy and Daddy are over-the-moon. Another milestone achieved. Cross that one off of the list.

As I packed McKenna’s diapers in a box to give away, I stopped and brought one to my face. I felt strange doing it but I couldn’t help myself. It had that baby powdery smell that takes me back to when I first brought my babies home. And as hard and life changing as I thought those times were, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss them. So, I’m going to save one and tuck it away in her keepsake box. Because even routine tasks associated with rearing children become cherished when you suddenly realize that you’re no longer required to do them.

I’m prompted to remind myself to enjoy my kids right in the here and now. Because these moments are more fleeting and more precious than I could have ever imagined.

(Edited by Lora to save space; emphasis added)


It amazes me that some people would rather draw out the process

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

On Day 1 I wrote: Thanks for your encouragement. I made a big mistake today though in trying to start - don’t worry, we are going to stick with the plan. I just should have waited to monday as planned. This morning I got up in time to catch Aaron just as he awoke and got him out of his pjs and diaper in time to go on the potty. Because he was excited I decided to get him his underwear and asked him which he wanted - he chose the underwear over the diaper. (there wouldn’t have been a choice on monday) I hadn’t reread your book though so - obviously I didn’t start as you indicated - after breakfast. We had lots of accidents ( which my husband is not a fan of). A few times I was distracted but I did take him as fast as possible to the potty everytime. He went through all the underwear (13 pr presently) - had to rewash in progress. But the last 2 times before nap I could see he recognized that he was going- he had a paniced look on his face and then he said he had to go poopy - even though he meant the other was in progress. So I reread the book during nap and tried to have some hope that although I screwed up a little that I was doing it close to right and just had to regroup during nap time and try harder not to get frustrated with him. or me. (fortunately my son takes a long nap) I talked to my husband during this time also and appoligized to him for doing it earlier than planned and that if the “accidents” would be a problem - because of the rugs -that I would try to keep Aaron in the bathroom (playing with various toys) so that I could get him to the potty faster today. We also agreed that we should get a potty chair for the rest of the 3 days to have down stairs in the far corner of the kitchen so I could have him in the kitchen to play. We agree he should use the potty in the bathroom but we don’t have a clear path between our kitchen and the powder room. (and if it isn’t bad enough our house is for sale - I hope no one asks for an appointment for the next two days) so using the potty chair temporarily will help.

The second half of the day- after nap was much better, although still frustrating but better and it did end well with 3 times on the potty where he asked and I was able to get him to the potty with out an accident and he went. I had started a sticker reward poster for him in the morning but made sure to put it up more prominently in the bathroom so during the second half of the day he was more interested in it and was thrilled when he could put his favorite sticker on it for the first of the times he went - controlling the urge til I got him there.

My husband came home and although he is the big skeptic he did bring dinner up to me and Aaron and he picked up a potty chair at the store and is now steam cleaning the upstairs carpet that got peed on several times this morning. And he has said he hopes that I prove him wrong. (it doesn’t help that he works for a diaper company - so he has no problem with pull ups or the like- it is just me)

So now that you’ve had a good laugh at my situation I have 2 questions

1 - Aaron has asked several times to go on the potty but then doesn’t have to go - what is the best thing to say?

2 - This evening I gave him a bath and then he went to pee again and he seemed like he was in pain - crying alittle and pushing his penis up instead of down into the toilet. - Obviously if it continues tomorrow I may have to call the dr - any ideas though. It may have just hurt he groin - he slipped on the floor from the water.

Thank for your answers and time.


On Day 2 I wrote:


Yesterday was tough but ended on a high note. Today was better but ended not so great.

In the am I got to him right away and he but couldn’t go right away and we reviewed that he should tell me. I had to catch him a couple of times but then he remembered and from mid morning til mid evening he was on the same underwear. The highlight of the day was before his nap we let him go out side to play for a little bit - my husband went out with him. I saw that he wasn’t really right there with Aaron so I went out to ask Aaron about being dry and to tell us if he had to go. 5 min later or less he said “More pee” And I wisked him off to the kitchen door, saying to hold it or something til we got there. My husband opened the door and I put him on the potty chair and he went after a few seconds. He stayed dry and made it. Since he didn’t go to sleep right away during nap - i went in after abotu 30 min and suggested he try to go again - which he did and then took his nap and stayed dry. The afternoon proceded also with success.

Then during his dinner he had one small accident - as he was saying pee on potty. But not a full blown mess and did it right the next time. Then I could tell he was trying to poop. Usually he goes in the morning although if he doesn’t then he might go in the evening. He asked to go potty several times with no result. Then he went one small terd. I praised him lots and tried to get him to call his daddy - who was out. But he just wanted to go back to his activity and during this he started to go again and suddenly we both realized that we were a little late - but I got him over there and got the poop in from his underwear and let it sort of finish and praised him again. Again he just wanted to go back to playing. Which he did but then he was distracted and started peeing alot and I realized kind of late because he said nothing. I assured him and but then he realized there was a big puddle and tried to get to it to play “Splash” in it. We had this problem yesterday. I tried to use time out and explain that we don’t splash in pee - it is yucky and only goes in the potty. Tonight I tried again but he just got more wound up. Now it was bed time and although we went through the routine he wasn’t out of all his silliness and didn’t go right to sleep. I did check on him once but I felt I should again. I got delayed in doing this and discovered that he had wet the bed and was almost asleep in it. I got him up and changed his clothes and sat him to try again. I felt bad because I don’t know that he didn’t call for me - he may have and I just didn’t hear him. My husband is still out (it isn’t that he isn’t supporting this - actually he is hoping to be proven wrong and is proud of Aaron’s progresss - It is his father’s birthday today and they went to dinner) so I had to put him to bed in the crib because the bed is hard to change by myself. He just switched to the bed this week - before this process started - probably not the best order of events. Anyway I feel bad about the whole end to what was a really good day other wise.

Other items of note - he really likes the potty chair - easier for him to get on and off by himself and more comortable for him to sit on. And it plays music when he goes! A nice praise. No more painfull expressions during peeing. and he is proud of his sticker chart and counts his stickers once in a while.

Hope your having a good weekend. If you have a chance to respond to either day1 or today’s message that would be great. If not - I think am doing okay. I keep reminding myself great strides are being made - it will work- what I call “Potty School” and what my husband is calling “Potty bootcamp” and when he “graduates” it will be well worth it.


Day 3 was yesterday.

And it went fairly well. I was there when he woke up and suggested we try to go potty. Although he tried he wasn’t ready. And although we went through the reminders - he had an accident. However he stayed on track the rest of the day. He never poopy on day 3, but as far as the pee you could tell he was controlling it better. He had a couple of damp times so there were a few underwear changes but he again requested when outside to go and made it.

He protested his nap - not uncommon - he did request to go potty and I took him and he went. However he never went to sleep. And then I had to run out so we got him up and he hung out in the kitchen with my parents - who are very supportive of your philosophy and so I gave them the low down and left - was gone about an hour. He requested to go but it was a false alarm. I hoped their presence wouldn’t be a distraction the rest of the day but it worked out fine. And now my husband and parents now what to do with him.

Close to bedtime, we gave him a bath during which he started to pee. My husband let the water our and told him that next time he should ask to go potty - we don’t pee in the bath tub. Later he did ask to go and we lifted him out wet and he went on the potty! However at the end of the bath he got into a mood - due to a combination of lack of nap, teeth molars and other potential factors and threw a fit over letting the water out of the bath himself. It wasn’t until I gave him Motrin and teething tablets that he fell asleep in my arms. So - the going to bed routine wasn’t quite normal. We put him in the crib last night but tonight since he graduated and is doing really well today we will put him in the big bed.

Day 1 Graduate School - This morning I went in and applied a slightly different strategy. I just talked to him - reminding him about the rules using the questions and suggesting he tell me when he had to go but we could try now. At first he said no then wanted to, and then first had a false alarm or could relax to release but then he went! no accidents! we all go together with him and explained he had now graduated potty school and Was to refine his abilities in “graduate school” and that we had a graduation present for him - Thomas t-shirt and underwear. I thought he would like to put it on - . He seemed excited but wanted to stay in his current shirt and underwear. (So I guess we”ll be enfocing new underwear after bath time.) I had put a pair of elastic waste shorts on him for today as he has graduated but still easy to pull down. Because he hasn’t had many opportunities to go poopy - I am continuing to have to teach him on that. Today went well with it but not up to 100% yet. He asked to go this morning but didn’t have the patience to sit there and get it out. So it took a few imes and me explaining that it was rght there - which it was. He went one small ball And then a second time alot. The second time agin he was upset that it didn’t come right away and had stood up. Just then started out and i got him down and he finished. I think it finally made sense and he was excited so we’ll see over the next few days.

So all in all starting friday not quite right and only 90% prepared worked out okay especially since I still have the next 3 days to ensure continued success and practice the finer points with him like the poop and going over to the potty himself and helping with pulling down/up his uderwear and shorts.

Any comments you have are appreciated although I think we’re doing well.

I wanted to mention that the sticker chart I made I did directly on to a 12X12 Scrapbook page so that when I get to it it will be all made for his scrapbook. Although it worked for Aaron - I did realize that an older kid may not do as well with the chart. Separate rewards as you suggested would probably be better. I think my nephew, for example who is closer to 3, might wonder why there were more stickers on day 1 and 2 then on 3. Obviously less on day 3 because they are controling the peeing more - peeing less times but more at each time.

As we continue “graduate school” I plan to make a calender page of the same type and he can put a sticker for each day he is successful at being “dry and clean”. And give a few rewards with various milestones.

Thank you for writing the book and sharing your methodology. I have at least 2 or 3 people interested in buying the book as well and will share the idea with others as the opportunity arises. It amazes me that some people would rather draw out the process. ( I have a friend who I swore would have had her son trained by now since he never liked a messy diaper and took great interest in the potty at a young age. - and yet even after telling her that Aaron was successful doesn’t seem interested in taking the final step to being diaper free - and they really need to financially speaking) Admittedly this was really hard (especially with a nursing infant on the side) but it is over in a short time and a side benefit was being forced to spend hours with my son which taught me alot about him besides potty training.

Sorry about the email problems i had and thank you for letting me share my story - it will actualy serve as a great keepsake as well - do go in my son’s scrapbook.

Sincerely ,

Robin Sperry

Russ 2.5 days and done

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

You deserve another star in your crown. We picked last weekend to give it a try. Three day weekend, my husband (Tod) and I both off. It seemed the perfect weekend to get Russ over the last hurtle of potty training. We had to get over the pull-ups for everyone’s sanity. Russ was 37 months old and partially trained. He would use the potty at daycare but not at home for Mommy and Daddy. As the weekend approached we read the book. We got things ready. Then plans started to change as Russ’s rookie league baseball practice was moved to Sat. So the weekend was going to start off with baseball.

Day 1-2 were a lot of work - I caught a stomach bug on top of it.

Day 3 one accident first thing in the morning and the rest of the day we had a big boy. Night 3 dry.

Day 4 we were going through our normal routine of getting up, dress vitamins and out the door for breakfast at school (daycare). Russ has been getting up on his own and I usually tell him to get his cloths and come into my room and dress while am fixing my hair etc. and I noticed he brought clean underwear and I asked if he had wet the ones we put on fresh before he went to bed and he said no and then announced he had to go to the potty. Ever since then, he has been going on his own, which makes it 3 days and 2 nights with out an accident. It is official for me He is potty trained.

I know if have some other issues like using public bathrooms so I might still have some questions but now I know who to ask.

Thank you for the extra push to get this hurdle completed

ReGina, Tod and of course Russ

Re: 3rd day - having accidents - then it clicked

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.


You were right! Hallelujah! Finally, after the 4th day, just all of a sudden, my sweet son came to me with a funny look and said, “Mama, I gotta go now”. I rushed him to the bathroom, and he did both #1 and #2! Today is the 6th day and he’s kept his same underwear on All Day Long:) Thank you so much! I’ll support you with a comment on your website if you need me to. I’m completely amazed:0. It really works. This will pay for itself in less than one month by not having to buy diapers.

Thanks again,
Ann Foster

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