previously tried to potty train

2 day success!!!!

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

dear lora,
i am very much proud to recommend your ebook to every mom out there who is starting to potty train… i was kinda skeptical at first, it being my 3rd attempt in potty training, the past 2 times, i gave up on the 5th hour of wet panties and wet carpet…this time around, much to my surprise, we have had no major accidents so far and it’s our 3rd day!!! of course i have had numerous wet in the crotch panties right before we start running to the bathroom but nothing like the past that made me give up.. she started pooping in her panties but she realized that she needs to do her business in the bathroom not under the table where she usually hides when she has to do poopy.. and as soon as she realizes she’s starting to pee, she tells me she has to go pee… that means she is able to stop it from flowing and waiting til we reach the bathroom…that was day 1.. day 2 she did it like she has been doin it for a while.. i am so proud of marcela(37 months old)… today is day 3 and she has been telling me every time before leaking starts!!! by the way, the past 2 nights were dry and she willingly went to the BR in the middle of the night half asleep… hopefully the next few days will be a breeze.. i assume the worst jumpstart days are over… hopefully you wont hear from me seeking help later on about regression…

once again, THANKS A MILLION….

proud/successful mom,

Re: Were you able to download the ebook?

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hello Lora

I want to be perfectly honest. When I found your website and read “3 day potty training” my first thought “bulls….t”. Pardon my french but that’s what I thought. What made me buy your ebook was the mentoring email you provided.

I was absolutely dreding potty training. I thought I was going to be up to my eye balls in muck for months. My son Robert is 22 months old and I thought it was time to start potty training him. My daughter who is now 7 was potty trained by my husband. I had the higher paying job and therefore worked and my husband worked from home and looked after her. It took quite some time to get through that stage with her.

2 days ago I started implementing your strategy. He loves getting the toilet paper and cleaning up after himself and he flushes the toilet. When he uses the toilet he gives himself a big clap and says “bo boi” (that’s Robert speak for good boy).

Yesterday he #2ed in his pants and I did what you said in your book and today he wented in the toilet. A very proud moment for me.

On the first day he would dribble and then realize what had happened and say “uh oh” or “dirdy”

Second day he’s telling me he wants to go before anything comes out.

I have also ______________ as you suggested and it works like a treat.

I have both under estimated my sons intelligence and your method.

I thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for making potty training so easy, it’s been a breeze.

I can’t personally hug you so please except an electronic one.

Thanks again
Veronica and Robert
from down under

Re: Were you able to download the ebook?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

yes, I received it. It really was helpful and answered several questions that my husband and I had. We learned what we were doing wrong !!!

Our 3yr old girl trained in a week and our 3yr old boy took about 2 weeks until he could understand the “poopy” part.

It is all over now and we are so happy!!!

Thanks for the follow up.



Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.


Rachel is now completely potty trained. My husband and I had been “trying” for months with some success and a lot of times Rachel would say “Mommy me no pee” and then we would sit her on the potty anyway and have her “try”. I was so tired of buying her pull ups all of the time and I knew she was ready but just needed a little something to help. I looked on the Internet for help and found your website, I read it with hope that this would be IT. I decided to order it and see for myself. I took the print out home and had my husband read it to see what he thought. He was a little skeptical at first but could tell that I thought this might be it for her so he said let’s do it. We started the program on July 6th and she was potty trained by the 8th!! She loves to put on her big girl underwear each morning, it is such a reward for her to pick them out and put them on. I must say her favorite are her purple Dora ones. Thank you so much for your program.

I want to thank you again for your program and your time for reading my email. Have a great day!!

Karissa Pforts

Re: Potty Training Boys

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Lora I had emailed you a few days ago about not being able to get the ebook to print but thank the Lord I finally got it. I actually bought it for my 3 year old granddaughter who I had the privilage of babysitting for 2 weeks. They had been trying eveything with her for several months but nothing was working. I started on the training on Wednesday and by Friday she was telling me when she needed to go. Today we were eating in a restaurant and she told her mommy that she needed to go potty. Praise the Lord. She begins preschool class tomorrow. Thank you so much. I know my daughter and her husband are elated.


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