potty training

Thank you for your advice

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you for your advice. I did wake him up and kept it dark and sure enough, he went right back to sleep for the whole night. I went back in a few times to check for dryness and just whispered for him to call me if he has to go. I took him in the morning and noticed he was completely dry! So proud. Ok, so my next question is, how long after the 3 days shall I continue the sticker charts, small rewards and visual schedule? He goes to his sitter on Tues, should I give her a bag of m&m’s, and have her give him one each time? For how long? Thank you


Stick trick

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you, i did the stick trick and it did not work at all. he is an extremeley bright boy and he kinda saw right through it. He tried it one time but didnt seem phased by it at all. I will try the other suggestions. He is holding in his poop and is in a lot of pain. Dr suggested giving him miralax to soften his poop. He prefers to poop in his underwear and did a little this morning and said his belly feels better. I am frustrated and i know he is, as he is the only one in his class still having many poop accidents. I send him to school everyday in underwear.

thank you

- Jen

Thank you so much

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi again. It has been quite a while since I’ve needed to ask you anthing but I wanted to let you know that we were so pleased with how well your method worked with our oldest, that we just finished the program with our youngest as well. it was a great success. He was 25 months old at Christmas, and we decided to use the program over the break as I ended up with 10 days off of work. It clicked with Elliot by the end of the firt day. We are so happy to have 2 toddlers out of diapers. Thank you so much.

I do have another favor to ask however. We are having some major sleeping issues with the youngest, and I was wondering if you can help with this? I know you have en ebook for sleep training as well, and I’ll be happy to purchase it if i know you can help with our specific problems. Would it be OK to let you know what the issues are? I just need to know that you’ll be able to help and then I’ll buy the ebook…I already have the Tantrum Free ebook as well. Your methods have worked miracles for us so far…I’m hoping you can help with the sleeping too. My husband and I have been sleep deprived for the last three and a half years!

Thank you.


He really is starting to get it

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you so much for the response and advice. We feel that he really is starting to get it. Yesterday we completed the 2nd day and he woke up completely dry. We are so excited. I will continue to keep you updated on his progress. Also I was wondering about your tantrum ebook. I believe that you sent me a code for a discount but I can not seem to find it. I think this might help us and Tanner to stop some of the fits that he throws when he doesn’t get his way. We are very pleased with the results so far with your potty training we want to get your tantrum book and advice as well. Do I need to create another account or can I order the ebook from this account also? Again thank you for your advice and encouragement.

Dave and Vanessa B.

Is she regressing?

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you for the excellent input.

As additional info, she is definitely having a massive growth spurt, mentally and physically. She’s suddenly an inch taller. She has added tons of words to her vocabulary lately, has started riding her balance bike with her feet up, has been using “no,” a lot more freely these days and is a bit defiant sometimes, always with a smile, though…not a nasty defiance. She’s generally a pretty cooperative and very precocious kid, though.

She has a 6 yo brother, but no new babies/divorce/etc. in the house. No daycare/babysitter/anything else like that.

Her issues started about 4 days into a 7 day remodeling project that took all our attentions. (Had to replumb entire house due to leaks.) May be coincidental, but thought I should mention it. Had no water in our house, so used our guest house for bathing.  But, she used our toilets and I flushed it via a bucket of water.

To clarify, you say you think she’s not regressing.  Then, in paragraph 3, you list how to overcome regression.  Should I skip that section of the advice and just use Paragraph 4?  Or, are you telling me what to do in both 3 and 4?

Sorry, I’m a little confused.

Thank you SO much for your time and help.  I appreciate it greatly.


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