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Thank you!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you! Today I have waited for accidents or verbal cues before getting her to the bathroom and the only crying came as a result of chapped legs from pee (I’m trying aquaphor on them after we clean her up and that seems to help). Now, I remind and praise increasingly as I see signs and a few times today she says she has to or is ready to go, we get there and she sits, does not go (I praise her for getting there, dry undies and sitting) and then she has an accident. None of the pee has made it to the potty yet. Stickers or rewards for sitting? I feel like I’m having trouble with consistency here.

The Potty Wand seemed to be more of a distraction than help. She wanted it to be a “spelling wand” (think PBS–Super Why). Keep using it?

Finally, when things click (hopefully tomorrow) I understand I keep praising when she uses the potty for quite a while, but for how long do I keep “reminding” her to tell me when she has to go?

Thank you for your support! I hope this works before she gets sick of me!! :)


Is she regressing?

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you for the excellent input.

As additional info, she is definitely having a massive growth spurt, mentally and physically. She’s suddenly an inch taller. She has added tons of words to her vocabulary lately, has started riding her balance bike with her feet up, has been using “no,” a lot more freely these days and is a bit defiant sometimes, always with a smile, though…not a nasty defiance. She’s generally a pretty cooperative and very precocious kid, though.

She has a 6 yo brother, but no new babies/divorce/etc. in the house. No daycare/babysitter/anything else like that.

Her issues started about 4 days into a 7 day remodeling project that took all our attentions. (Had to replumb entire house due to leaks.) May be coincidental, but thought I should mention it. Had no water in our house, so used our guest house for bathing.  But, she used our toilets and I flushed it via a bucket of water.

To clarify, you say you think she’s not regressing.  Then, in paragraph 3, you list how to overcome regression.  Should I skip that section of the advice and just use Paragraph 4?  Or, are you telling me what to do in both 3 and 4?

Sorry, I’m a little confused.

Thank you SO much for your time and help.  I appreciate it greatly.


He keeps going into the playroom

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Firstly a massive thank you! 2 days and Samuel is potty trained and going through the night dry whereas two days ago we had to change him middle of the night as he was wetting through!! Thank you thank you!! Only last hurdle… how do I get him to poo in the potty/toilet? He keeps going into the playroom so I am not sure what to do? Much love and thanks again! x


I Prayed Today It Would “Click” - It Did

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Today is Day #3 of Potty Training. During my “quiet time” this morning I prayed specifically that today would be the day that it “clicks” with William. It did. We have had NO accidents… we have pooped in the potty TWICE and I’ve even been interrupted during a tension-filled phone conversation I was having with a dear friend with William wimpering loudly “mommy I want to go potty!” … His big sister is SOOOO proud of him - probably because every time he goes SHE also gets M and M candies to eat… just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Things are going well. If anyone needs advice on potty training don’t come to me just go buy the ebook by Lora Jensen and be encouraged that your little one will be done with diapers in 3 days from now

(Edited by Lora to save space; emphasis added)


Peeing before bed?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

My wife and I just completed the 3 Day Training with our daughter, and your system is amazing. Your techniques, based on love and compassion, fit perfectly with the rest of our parenting and it is exactly what I have been searching for!! It works so easily and well…thank you for sharing your knowledge!

We just have one hurdle left…our daughter still does not pee before she goes to bed. This results in an accidend durring the night. We have been attempting to have her pee twice before putting her down as your book suggests. Our plan is to just stay consistant with that until she catches on. Do you have any other suggestions? I have also been waking her one hour after she goes to sleep and one hour before she wakes, but have the same result…go to the toilet, but no peeing.

Thanks Again!

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