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Day 3…12:00 Noon…It clicked!…Unbelievable!!!!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Unbelievable. After washing over 50-60 wet pairs of underpants … he finally got it! Today around lunchtime, he let me know he had to go, stayed dry, and made it to the potty like he was a pro at it! And not just once…the rest of the day!… All of a sudden it made sense to him. What amazed me was even when he was taking a bath, I figured he would just go in there and think it is his “free” time to do whatever, he stood up soaking wet with bubbles covering him and said “Mommy Pee Pee”. So we rush to the potty and he goes. That’s when I thought, I’m sold. This is the most unbelievable thing ever. And he also stopped playing outside (and that is the worst thing to him when he has to go back inside from playing), and said “Mommy Potty” and we ran inside..twice…and both times, dry pants and success in potty. AND before bedtime, I asked him if he wanted to try one more time before night night, he did it again successfully. This coming from a child who had no interest in sitting down on it the day before. It baffles me. I want to make a casserole for the lady who wrote this ebook. I am just shocked at how all of a sudden after a couple of days he just got it and no more accidents (so far). I can’t go into too much detail about how this works because of copyright by the author, but it is well worth every penny spent ( and in the grand scheme of things, $24 was cheap to be able to potty train in 2 1/2 days…I would have paid more if necessary if I would had known it was a sure thing and this easy for the long haul). He didn’t know anything about the potty on Thursday…unbelievable. And the plus side of this, all of the other parents I have read about who have tried this say accidents RARELY happen because of the thought processes they have gone through over the 3 day training period. … Unbelievable.

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Monday, March 31st, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!! This is something i thought would never happen! But my son is going on the potty! The true test was tonight when we left for 3 hours and he stayed dry. in the car he said he had to go and he held it until we got home about 6 miles! I was soo happy thanks to your book and your method it really did work! thank you sooooooo much!


We Went To Bed Convinced Lora Was Wrong

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Boot Camp Update

So I know that all of our readers have anxiously been awaiting an update on Potty Training Boot Camp. Yeah right, I know you might not care about our potty adventures but you’re going to hear about it anyways. :) Yesterday was a LONG day. On Thursday, the day we began boot camp, he had lots of accidents in the morning and afternoon but by 4:00pm on Thursday through 9:00am Friday morning he didn’t have a single accident. He was excited about his big boy undies and frequent sticker rewards and was telling us when he needed to go potty. He even got up at 2:00am and called for me because he had to go potty and then went right back to bed. So we started off Friday morning feeling pretty cocky….our kid had mastered the potty training in 24 hours. HA! (Pride cometh before the fall!) So I guess at 9:00am Friday the novelty of the big boy potty had worn off and he defiantly went potty wherever and whenever he pleased. Ugh. So we went to bed Friday night convinced that Lora Jensen never had a child like Benjamin and this 3 day theory was never going to work. HOWEVER, we had NO ACCIDENTS TODAY! Oh yeah! We reminded him less frequently as the day went on and he still told us when he had to go potty every time! I could not be more excited. I know that we are going to have occasional accidents for awhile yet when he gets busy playing and I am not reminding him as much to tell me when he has to go and we still have to work on his fear of going #2 sitting down (don’t you love that I am giving you all these details?!), but we we are D-U-N, done with diapers. I would highly recommend Lora Jensen’s method to any and all moms. Word of warning, it is VERY time consuming for three days. I have not left the house and I am going completely stir crazy but I know Benjamin and I know how strong willed he is and I have no doubt if we had tried any other way to potty train we would have battled him for months. Also, her recommended age to potty train is 22 months. The older a child gets the more set in their ways they get. Benjamin is two years, five months and I do see why this method would work even better with a younger kiddo. So start young and save yourself months of buying diapers!

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Re: 3 Day Potty Training eBook

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora,

I used your Potty Training method… FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AWESOME! My son was trained in one and a half days and had only 4 or 5 little accidents in the first two weeks and no accidents since then. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I thought I saw that you had a sleep technique for babies (on Baby Center.com?). I can’t find it on your website, I would like to know more. I have a 4 month old is is waking more than he needs to. Let me know.

Mindy Malone

Potty Training 23 month old

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora, Thank you so much for all your great tips/advice in your book. Your method truly does work! My son got it on the 3rd day and now tells me when he has to go but I’m having a hard time getting my son to urinate soon after he wakes up from his nap and bedtime. He’s been waking up dry but I know he needs to go after not going for so many hours. I don’t know why he fights going after waking up. I’m afraid he’ll get a bladder infection if he doesn’t go right away. Please help! Thank you!

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