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Re: Potty Training Boys

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.


Never wrote before, ordered your e-book in March. I had originally thought about potty training by son in November/December 2006, but with a 10 day trip to London, thought not the best thing to start–being in a strange city and country, not knowing where potties are–decided to wait til we returned home in January. I mentioned to my son we needed to start potty training. He informed me he was not big enough and he wanted to wait til he was 3. (He was very verbal around 18 months). I heard what he said, caught a tad off guard, but agreed.

So ordered your book in March, he turned 3 in March and one day after his birthday, we did 3 day potty training. I will admit I did not follow your advice to the letter. I pulled what I needed/wanted and low and behold my son was potty trained in 3 days. Real underwear, real toilets, waking us up sometimes at 2a. or 5a. for help to tinkle.

I was estactic I discovered your e-book and was grateful I believed the ad I read which lead me to order your book. I am grateful I spent the money for this book, your method(s) versus waisting money on various books, pullups or padded underwear, little potties or other useless items.

So I must admit I was surprised when you are recommending Peter Potty for boys.

Personally I would not want some plastic thing in my bathrooms. We have a padded seat ring to make our big potties more his size for when he prefers or needs to sit. We also taught him to aim for the water at all times. Does he make it every time? No, but we also teach him to clean up after himself.
He loves being responsible, loves to help around the house, loves to be working on projects. So cleaning up around the toilet after he uses, is good and good for him.

I personally think anyone with boys should do the same. Someday they will have to leave the house–college, first apartments, etc. They should know how to cook, do laundry, pay bills and clean a bathroom.

So instead of paying $39.95 (on sale) for Peter Potty, show the big men and the little men in your life where the cleaning cloths are & have them contribute to the household chores. Someday they will appreciate it and so will the women in their lives.

Just my opinion. Again, I followed your advice and it worked wonderfully. We are done & trained.

I think if you stick with the advice you write, kids do not need any “seperate” potties/urnals.


Re: Potty Training Boys

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora,

Just a quick note to let you know how we are getting on. I think we have cracked it! Ethan, my 2 and a half year old, is now officially toilet trained, day and night! We followed your advice and apart from a couple of wee accidents at the start Ethan is doing so well. He is doing both 1’s and 2’s in the toilet and has been dry for a number of nights now.

I didn’t really even know how to go about starting the training and when i saw your website i thought yea right, toilet trained in three days, not a chance!, but Ethan proved me wrong, he has taken to it like a duck to water and I just want to thank you for your advice.

The only thing is my wee baby is not my wee baby any more, he is my wee man, my husband and i will have to get started on baby number 2 now!!

Thanks again Lora, I will keep your advice in mind if hopefully i ever need it again.


Thank YOU!!

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I potty trained my daughter last week and she’s still doing great.

My daughter will be 3 this coming Monday and she’ a bit hard headed so I wasn’t sure if this would really work for her.

I took the day off of work on Friday to start and it was pretty hard, as you said it would be. By Saturday afternoon I couldn’t see how I wasn’t going to be able to use Pull-ups for her at day care. However, Sunday came and she didn’t have a single accident all day. I told my day care provided what I had done and all she needed to do to help. I think she was a bit sceptical herself. It’s now Friday, 5 days in day care, and she hasn’t had a single accident. My day care lady was so impressed.

You had some wonderful advise to give and I am very greatful for it.

I do have one question, I’m having some problem with bed time. I don’t give her anything to drink 2 hours before and she goes before bed. In the beginning I was getting her up at 6am to use the bathroom but the last 3 mornings she’s been wet. How do I help her to wake up when she has to go? Should I set my alarm every night and get her up at 3 or 4 in the morning? If so, will that ever pass?

Anyway, I thank you again.
Good luck to you in all your endevours and God Bless!!

Tucson, AZ

my son is now officially a “big boy”

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that my son is now officially a “big boy.” The sticker chart worked great. His stools were already soft (I was worried about that at first, but it wasn’t the problem). He loved the chart, and I actually made three lines with five squares on each one so he¬†would have the chance to earn 3 rewards to get him used to going without crying and to make a good habit out of it. He only needs 2 more stickers to finish out his 3rd line. He has really enjoyed going to Wal-Mart to pick out his “present.” Going to the bathroom is really a non-issue now. He can still be a very stubborn child, and you may be able to recognize that he has to go - but he’ll tell you no if you ask him. It has to be his idea - even if it’s only 30 seconds later!! He’s had a couple of overnight accidents, but we’re not the greatest at holding off on drinks in the evenings, and a couple of times we forgot to have him go before going to bed. However, he has actually woken up in the middle of the night to tell us he needs to go - which is great. He was also able to “hold it” for about 5 minutes while at the circus last weekend because he had to wait until he got off the elephant ride to be able to run to the bathroom. He’s doing wonderfully, and other than that 1st day, it really was a pretty easy process. I’m so proud of him, and I remind him nearly everyday. Now, we’re looking forward to his baby sister’s arrival in a few weeks!

I think this program worked great. A lot of it had to do with the timing. I definitely think the child AND the parent(s) have to be “ready” and willing to make the commitment. I plan to use it with my next child, and I would recommend it (and actually already have) to anyone else working on potty training!

Thanks so much. :) Becky

Becky Kindel, BBA

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.


We got it. I want to give you an update as to my 2 boys progress. The first was with our newly turned 4 year old. We thought he would be very difficult as he had been very stubborn in the past with us trying to potty train him ourselves. In fact, I told my wife that if this system works for him then this system was worth thousands of dollars. Well, within 3 hours he was WELL on his way. The first day he only had 3 accidents and two of those were within the first three hours. The second day he had only 2 accidents and both of those he was on his way to the bathroom and just didn’t make it in time. Since then I can only think of maybe 2 other accidents and we started the system on April 8th. Also, he has had dry pants every morning, EVEN AFTER THE FIRST NIGHT!!!!

The second was with our 3 year old and we are on our third day now. The first day he had four accidents and yesterday only one. Today he has had no accidents to speak of(3PM). I can’t thank you enough for this phenomenal system.

It truly DOES work even better than you say. My wife and I can’t thank you enough!!!!

We are so excited with the results, we are thinking about starting our 4 month old on the system!! Just kidding. We will use it for her MUCH earlier than our 2 boys.


Brooks and Jenny Biggs

Please feel free to use our successes for as a testimonial.

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