potty train in 4 days

I Would Recommend Your Program To Anyone

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

I just wanted to relate to you our WONDERFUL experience. My husband and I started your potty training program on a Friday, that day our daughter, Rhyan, had three full-blown accidents during the day. The next day, she had three mini-accidents (where she would just go a little bit, and then stop herself then finish going in the potty). By day three, she was having no accidents. She was telling us every time she had to go potty (both pee-pee, and “potty”). By day four she was going all by herself, and then telling us about it after the fact. She has done phenomenally. She is just doing so well. I would recommend your program to anyone, and, in fact, I already have. This is just the most amazing, easy, and well planned program I have ever used. While it was tiring the first day, after that it was very easy, and our daughter responded so well. God bless you for sharing your wonderful techniques with everyone, it is truly a blessing.

Thank you again

Take care,

The Cost of The eBook Was The Best Money I’ve Spent In A While

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora,

Just wanted to send you an e-mail and say “THANK YOU” for your ebook and support when I felt like it wasn’t working. I am sitting here now on day 6 and on day 4 1/2 Reese just got it. I guess, as you said, she realized I was serious and she started telling me “potty run” and she’s even told me when we are out and about and after being down 5-10 minutes at rest time.

The cost of the ebook was the best money I’ve spent in a while. I needed someone to say it was OK to “just do it” and go into panties versus waiting for “her to be ready” and “for her to tell me” when I knew the only reason she wasn’t interested was because of a power struggle and being 2 not that she wasn’t physically ready. Had I waited I was seeing myself with an almost 3 year old who threw a fit and cried if she saw panties or pull ups and who still wore diapers only out of control and who wants to be changing a 3 year olds diaper… not me.

Anyway… I’m probably rambling but again just wanted to say thank you. And I don’t know if you know when someone clicks through from an ad but I saw your ad for your site on BabyCenter.com and it was perfect timing for us.


Alisa - a happy mommy to a potty trained, panty wearing 25 month old
Reese - a happy 25 month old who know wants even put her panties on by herself

P.S. Feel free to use an or part of this e-mail as a testimonial because I will definitely be recommending your ebook to everyone I know.

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