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You guys won’t believe this!!!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Its now Day 3 of potty training, supposedly the END according to the potty training GURU. I was a skeptic myself. In fact, I think I went into this thinking its not gonna happen, she just isnt ready. I guess it was mommy who wasnt ready because its now almost 5 and not one accident all day! I know I should knock on wood, but even if she did have ONE who cares! Do you know how far we have come? I started from ground zero with this kid! The first two days were stressful, especially with a teething baby on my hands. Day 2 was the worst, since Chris wasnt here. It really helped having a second pair of hands/eyes on her all day the first day. I wanted to come post an update last night…but this would of been all I would have posted…

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed. I thought, no way will she get this in 3 days. My kid is sloooow. This 3 day lady is crazy. What was I thinking? lol You get the point. But, this morning she woke up and immediately asked to go potty. She has told me every single time since. I didnt even use a pull-up for naptime and she woke up dry…FIRST TIME EVER! Its been a great day! To anyone with kids who arent potty trained yet…I highly suggest doing this when it comes time (and the GURU says anyone over 22 months that can communicate, even if they dont talk)! Its a stressful 3 days (2 really for Ava), but worth it in the end. The best part of it all, Ive never seen my daughter so proud of herself. Who knew potty training was a life lesson for success and self-esteem?


“OMG thank you so much!”

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Sorry I just saw this. Yes I did get it and OMG thank you so much! I am a full time working mom and it is so hard to find a week to dedicate to potty training like others suggested. Not only that but it never worked! I can’t believe she had no accidents after 2 days :) and she has had no night time accidents since day 4. Amazing. I am so proud of her but even better she is so proud of herself.

Thank you!

3 day potty training download

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Got it. thanks! All I have to say is WOW it works! I could not believe my 23 month old grandson could wake up dry the first day, but it happened! A few accidents but we are there! We are adopting him so we have been out of the loop for awhile, and were looking for any help that we could find. Thankyou again and god bless you and your family.

Frank and Julie

Re: Potty Training Products

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thanks Lora for sending emails. I am pleased to tell you that Parissa is out of her nappy/pull-ups now. She wees in the toilet now. When I saw your heading that ‘Toilet training in 3 days’ I didn’t believe that but now I realized that its not impossible. Thanks for your website. I felt confident and was able to train my daughter in 2 days.



Day one Down!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora,

I am absolutely speechless. Matthew is now completely potty trained. He really got it on day two once his first poo was out of the way and we had a completely dry day on day three. Today we even made it to the shops and back. Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your help. Your method really gave me the confidence to see it through and it worked so well. I will be telling everyone who will listen about your web site!

Many thanks again.

Michelle Morris

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