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I wanted some pointers

Friday, March 16th, 2007

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I have to say that I have read the booklet and this is an excellent way of potty training children. I actually bought it because my 3 year old daughter is in the process of potty training now since she was just over 2 and it’s been a struggle mostly from my part because i’m just haven’t been consistant enough and sending her mixed messages. I also have a 6 year old and he was a struggle as well and a 4 month old who I will be using this method with when the time comes. But I bought the booklet because I wanted some pointers and see what i’m doing wrong. Since she’s been soing very well this past week I jsut took some of the ideas from you and are using it with what I have been doing. I love the way you give people what to say to their kids because a lot of times parents just don’t realize what they are saying to their children is wrong.

She has been using pull ups at nap and bedtime. But her nap was dry and I tried to put her on the toilet right when she woke up and she didn’t have to go and stayed dry for over an hour after. So now we are trying bedtime and I have a reward for her in the morning. But the odest thing about this whole experience is that my daughter has been telling me when she has to use the toilet in public at the store or where ever and used the public potties no problem so I realized that I needed a little boost at home and it was really time for her. So I want to thank you for the wonderful booklet and even though I didn’t follow it exactly with my daughter since she was on her way, I will definetly follow it with my youngest when the time comes and it won’t take a year as it has with my first 2.

Once again sorry for any inconvience before and thank for getting this out to me as soon as you could. I thought you just had a business and didn’t realize you had so many children you were caring for.


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