child tells me when they have to go potty

You guys won’t believe this!!!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Its now Day 3 of potty training, supposedly the END according to the potty training GURU. I was a skeptic myself. In fact, I think I went into this thinking its not gonna happen, she just isnt ready. I guess it was mommy who wasnt ready because its now almost 5 and not one accident all day! I know I should knock on wood, but even if she did have ONE who cares! Do you know how far we have come? I started from ground zero with this kid! The first two days were stressful, especially with a teething baby on my hands. Day 2 was the worst, since Chris wasnt here. It really helped having a second pair of hands/eyes on her all day the first day. I wanted to come post an update last night…but this would of been all I would have posted…

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed. I thought, no way will she get this in 3 days. My kid is sloooow. This 3 day lady is crazy. What was I thinking? lol You get the point. But, this morning she woke up and immediately asked to go potty. She has told me every single time since. I didnt even use a pull-up for naptime and she woke up dry…FIRST TIME EVER! Its been a great day! To anyone with kids who arent potty trained yet…I highly suggest doing this when it comes time (and the GURU says anyone over 22 months that can communicate, even if they dont talk)! Its a stressful 3 days (2 really for Ava), but worth it in the end. The best part of it all, Ive never seen my daughter so proud of herself. Who knew potty training was a life lesson for success and self-esteem?

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Monday, June 16th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi Lora,

Rachael has had a great day..woke up dry from overnight and woke up dry at nap.

Asked to go potty 4 times.

She has been dry all day.

Has not been intereseted in drinking much today…too busy playing.

Thanks for all of your help.

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Friday, June 13th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you for supporting me.  I thought yesterday was one of the longest days. Today–no joking at 4:30 he finally got it. Although it was a better day overall. He stayed dry all afternoon, then at 4:30 he grabbed himself and said “Mom-pee pee”. I usually would pick him up and run him to the bathroom. This time he said “No”. He walked to the bathroom, closed the door, and used the bathroom alone. I was thrilled. He also of his own accord went and sat on his potty trying to poop.I encouraged him and said that he could try again later if he got tired of sitting on his potty. Again–thanks for everything. When I read it, it made since even if in the back of my mind I wondered if 3 day training were possible.

I am a believer.

A little potty training advice please…

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.


It worked!!! My daughter, Alana (32 months old) and I did the 3 day pottying method over the Memorial Day weekend. After Sunday, she did great! Got the peeing in the potty down with no problem. She has only had 3 accidents since then and one of them was on the way to the potty. So, I am so proud. Now the poopy has not been successful. Just so you know Alana’s bowel habits. Since Alana was a baby, she pretty much only goes one time a day. Every now and then it is 2x a day, but that’s few and far between.

Back to Memorial Day weekend. She did not poop at all on Saturday. On Sunday, I did the technique, “Tell me when you gotta go pee or poopie, okay?” She started saying her bottom hurt. I knew it was coming. I was right with her like you said. She never changed expression, stopped what she was doing and said, “Mama, I poopied.” Sure enough she had. Scooped her up, plopped it in the potty and she sat on potty for 2 seconds. Lots of praise for “finishing in the potty.”

The next day, she started in her panties, I caught it and she finished in the potty. Praise, praise, praise. I had to go back to work on Tuesday. Alana went back to day care. She did not poopy at day care at all. (she usually does it there) That night, we were playing, I was watching her carefully for any tell tell signs. None!!! She looked up and said, “Mama I poopied.” that is how it has been ever since. I have been telling her there is a “big prize if she poopies in the potty.” One time last week, I knew it was coming and tried to get her to sit on potty and she was kicking and screaming. Refused and I didn’t want to “force her,” so she started in her panties and when I tried to get her to finish on the potty, refused to sit down. So, what to do?

Alana does not seem afraid. After she goes we talk about pooping in the potty. Her poop does not appear hard, so I don’t think it hurts. She has pooped in grocery stores, kmart, restaurants. I am still positive and we are still rewarding the peeing part. She does not like the “dirty feeling,” should I try to make her “feel” it longer before I clean her up? That seems so gross. I know this is just week 2, but I feel like we are so close. Thanks for your help and this program was great.

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much for producing the ebook, I wish i’d discovered it 3 years ago for my daughter.

My son is just 3 and after attempting potty training a few times unsucessfully I googled potty training and found you, My husband didn’t belive it would happen in 3 days but I was prepared to try anything. On the morning of day three my son said he needed a pee and has told us every time since. Thankyou very much once again.

I will be recommending your ebook to everyone

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