Thank you so much

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Hi again. It has been quite a while since I’ve needed to ask you anthing but I wanted to let you know that we were so pleased with how well your method worked with our oldest, that we just finished the program with our youngest as well. it was a great success. He was 25 months old at Christmas, and we decided to use the program over the break as I ended up with 10 days off of work. It clicked with Elliot by the end of the firt day. We are so happy to have 2 toddlers out of diapers. Thank you so much.

I do have another favor to ask however. We are having some major sleeping issues with the youngest, and I was wondering if you can help with this? I know you have en ebook for sleep training as well, and I’ll be happy to purchase it if i know you can help with our specific problems. Would it be OK to let you know what the issues are? I just need to know that you’ll be able to help and then I’ll buy the ebook…I already have the Tantrum Free ebook as well. Your methods have worked miracles for us so far…I’m hoping you can help with the sleeping too. My husband and I have been sleep deprived for the last three and a half years!

Thank you.


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