She was still dry!!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Thank you for your response!

#1 As far as high fiber foods, we had been loading her up on bananas and cheese and it seemed like it went straight from diarrhea to not pooping for 3 days! We have now adjusted and are being more careful of what we are feeding her. She eats a lot of oatmeal, oranges, and apples. Any good ideas on foods? I know she has to go and she sat on the toilet multiple times and just cried like it was hurting her. I think she is just afraid to do it, like it will hurt. Finally, last night, after watching her like a hawk all day, there was another accident that took my attention for a couple of minutes and I found her in my bathroom upstairs in my husband’s closet with poopie underwear. I was so disappointed. I made her go straight to bed (using Love and Logic) without any of her bears. She was kind of sad. But….on to

#2 She woke up probably 8 times last night, dry every time! She went potty maybe 4-5 of those times and when she got up this morning and I found her climbing on her bed, she was still dry!!!!! It was amazing! Thank you for your ideas. I will see how it goes tonight and see if I need to do the waking up at those certain times idea. Thank you so much for your help. I hope we are on the way…


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