Friday, June 6th, 2008 at 9:11 am

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Hi Lora,I started training Nicco on Monday this week and went through the 9 pairs of underwear by noon (I neglected to get back to the store to buy more in time for training to begin–oops!) A nap and a load of laundry later, we went through all 9 again! On Tuesday, we went through all 9, but didn’t have to do the wash until Nicco was sleeping for the night. On Wednesday, I only used 4 pairs of underwear (one extra was just to change the picture ) Thursday and today Nicco stayed in the same underwear ALL DAY (YAY!!!) and we even ventured out to lunch with friends and to the gardens with his grandparents. I was one of the skeptics, but I thought to myself ‘What the heck, even if the 3 day method takes 3 weeks, that ain’t bad!’ What a pleasant surprise to be done (recognizing of course that Nicco is still not independent and needs attention and help to get to the potty on time…) in 3 days!!! My sisters are all jealous, especially the one whose boy is nearly a year older than mine and still in a diaper at night who took nearly a year to even get to this point, with a lot of forcing and frustration! I have told all my friends and relatives with potty training in their future about this method. I would never have believed it possible (even with the testimonials–you could have written them yourself, after all, wink wink) if I had not experienced it myself.  So, thanks, and yay for you and me and Nicco and all the other kids and parents who have avoided the unpleasantness that so many people experience in the potty training days/weeks/months. Sincerely, Tamara and Nicco P.S. I have attached a picture of my son showing off his ‘racing underwears’ in which he is so clearly pleased!

Thanks again.

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