My Very Clever Little Boy
Has Proved Lora Jensen Right!

Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 2:38 pm

Individual experience. Results will vary.

Yep, we have tackled the big old toilet training issue during the 2nd week of the holidays.I was going to leave it until the summer holidays, but then thought maybe I’d go for it this week. I had forgotten that I had a book about potty training (Gina Ford) and whilst on line looking for a free potty chart, I came across Lora Jensen’s ad for 3 day potty training.Yes, you read that right….3 days! I half snorted with laughter- yeah right, 3 days? Most people I know are at it for ages. But I read on…..then bought the e-book (hoping I wasn’t wasting my money). I have to say my son is an absolute star! I never thought I could get excited about someone peeing on the toilet :).

The first three days were non-stop but you know what? IT WORKS!!!!!! Of course there are accidents and the whole dressing/undressing and climbing on the toilet issues still need addressing but so far today there have been no accidents! Oh….and I only have to change one lot of nappies- how nice :)

However Matthew is going through a ’scream if I am put down or mummy leaves the room’ stage- so with the constant toilet trips life has not been fun (add coughs all round and limited sleep and you get the picture). The coming week will be a real tester for Daniel as he is going to go to pre-school for three sessions a week rather than one (no, I didn’t just laugh with glee!). I am so glad that we have done this now. Hopefully by the summer we will have dry nights all the time too :) Of course, I haven’t got much else done as I have to drop everything at the words ‘I need the toilet’.

Ahhhhh. There are other things happening at the moment too- I’ll try and write again soon- but please leave your congratulations for my very clever little boy who has proved Lora Jensen right! Now I just need a full 12 hours of sleep and a child free day to catch up…….can I buy that on line too? Hmmm, thought not.

(Edited by Lora to save space; emphasis added)

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