Friday, April 4th, 2008 at 3:45 am

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Hi Lora,

Thank you for your FANTASTIC program! It has worked beautifully throughout the day time and our daughter has improved at night to the point where she is only waking once to go to the toilet however that occurs with my husband sleeping on the floor next to her bed and waking to take her to the potty. We are nearing to the end of Day 4 and there are no longer any accidents throughout the day. We are very impressed as we had 18 accidents on Day 1 and nothing to show in the potty.

2 Questions please …

1. How do we now get to the stage where she will sleep throughout the night dry without my husband being present (our daughter will be 3 in June)? As we are in a large house and her bedroom is at one end of the house and us at the other. We don’t want her to wake up and panic. We have placed her potty in the bathroom closest to her bedroom and leave the bathroom light on of an evening.

2. Throughout the 3 day program we have given her lots of variety of fluids as you suggested. But going on to so called Day 5 tomorrow how much fluid should she be drinking throughout the day?

Kind regards,

John and Kylie

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