Monday, November 19th, 2007 at 5:49 am

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Hi Lora,

Thank you for sending me updates to the 3-day potty training spot! I am very pleased to tell you I studied your guide, trained my husband on the “ways of the 3-day potty training” guide and we successfully trained daughter, whom at the time was less than 2 years old! She’s now three and we’ve had no problems (a few minor set backs when we moved, changed day care providers, and with the birth of our son (now almost 1.5 years old)…but we stuck to the guidelines of your program and she’s been the awe of all our friends and family members! Others have asked how I did it and I pointed them in your direction! I hope I was able to drum some business for you! If not, their loss. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank you!


Happy Holidays,

Jessica Callahan

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