We Went To Bed Convinced Lora Was Wrong

Saturday, October 13th, 2007 at 1:55 pm

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Boot Camp Update

So I know that all of our readers have anxiously been awaiting an update on Potty Training Boot Camp. Yeah right, I know you might not care about our potty adventures but you’re going to hear about it anyways. :) Yesterday was a LONG day. On Thursday, the day we began boot camp, he had lots of accidents in the morning and afternoon but by 4:00pm on Thursday through 9:00am Friday morning he didn’t have a single accident. He was excited about his big boy undies and frequent sticker rewards and was telling us when he needed to go potty. He even got up at 2:00am and called for me because he had to go potty and then went right back to bed. So we started off Friday morning feeling pretty cocky….our kid had mastered the potty training in 24 hours. HA! (Pride cometh before the fall!) So I guess at 9:00am Friday the novelty of the big boy potty had worn off and he defiantly went potty wherever and whenever he pleased. Ugh. So we went to bed Friday night convinced that Lora Jensen never had a child like Benjamin and this 3 day theory was never going to work. HOWEVER, we had NO ACCIDENTS TODAY! Oh yeah! We reminded him less frequently as the day went on and he still told us when he had to go potty every time! I could not be more excited. I know that we are going to have occasional accidents for awhile yet when he gets busy playing and I am not reminding him as much to tell me when he has to go and we still have to work on his fear of going #2 sitting down (don’t you love that I am giving you all these details?!), but we we are D-U-N, done with diapers. I would highly recommend Lora Jensen’s method to any and all moms. Word of warning, it is VERY time consuming for three days. I have not left the house and I am going completely stir crazy but I know Benjamin and I know how strong willed he is and I have no doubt if we had tried any other way to potty train we would have battled him for months. Also, her recommended age to potty train is 22 months. The older a child gets the more set in their ways they get. Benjamin is two years, five months and I do see why this method would work even better with a younger kiddo. So start young and save yourself months of buying diapers!

(Edited by Lora to save space; emphasis added)


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