RE: third day

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 at 8:55 am

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I just wanted to let you know that by the middle of the second day I was ready to give up at that point my mother called and said to stay with it for the three days. That afternoon it started to click. My son indicated that he needed to go to the washroom for both poop and pee. He has decided that yew, ick is the signal its time to go. He woke up dry from his nap and on the second night he only wet the bed once- mainly because I did not wake up therefore my fault. It is the start of day three and he woke up dry this morning after his one accident at night. He has not had an accident yet and he has been up for 3-4 hours, yes he has peed already at his choosing. This is great.

A few questions:

My son seems to squirt in his underpants and typically goes to the washroom but does not pee in the potty. Is this normal and what can be done to rectify this actionn?

There are times when he wants to go to the washroom and just play on the toilet. Lifting the seat sitting down, then getting off putting on the potty ring and sitting back down, then getting off and taking off the potty ring and then sitting on the toilet. Sometimes this activity continues until he starts to leak at which time he settles and releases. Is this a problem or what can be done to change this behavior.

Do I need to be concerned about this issues or is normal behavior for a 22 month old boy?

Thank you for your time


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