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Thursday, August 16th, 2007 at 11:38 am

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I wanted to write to tell you “thank you” for all your advice and support as my daughter and I took on the challenge of potty training. I wrote to you a few days ago with lots of frustrations and concerns, but once my husband and I followed your advice, backed off, and relaxed a little we have made amazing progress. Cassidy asked three times this morning to go to the potty (I think she thinks it is fun now and sometimes even asks to sit on the potty when she doesn’t really have to go.) and even when I just take her (because she is dancing and squirming trying to hold it in or because it is bedtime/naptime) she is always agreeable and makes an attempt to release. Yesterday she only had one accident, which was at least in part my fault. I think I went a little overboard with the fiber and she was having a hard time holding it to get to the potty. We were outside playing and all of a sudden she froze and started to whine. I grabbed her up and said, “Sweetie we need to go to the potty now. Hold it till we get there.” I could feel that she had already released a little, but I kept repeating “hold it” while we made it inside to the bathroom and removed her shoes and dirty underwear…and do you know that she HELD it that whole time??? I was amazed and so proud of her and, of course, I let her know. She, too, was excited and yelled, “Daddy, come quick! I poo-pooed in the potty!!!” I guess she has heard me say that a few times over the past few days. :)

Cassidy has had great success with your program and I am so thankful to have had your assistance during this process. I know we are not finished, but each day is easier for both me and Cassidy and I know it won’t be long before we are enjoying accident-free days.

Thank you again!

Yours truly,
Tracey Walls

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