couple of questions

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 11:43 pm

Individual experience. Results will vary.

First - thank you for your book - after reading it, I was finally inspired to do it! My son responded very well, only a couple of accidents, but otherwise very smooth sailing. It’s been just about 4 days and I think he has got it for the most part. It’s truly awesome to be able to say that my son was potty trained in 3 days! My son is almost 3 - (32 months) very adverse to change/learning of any kind and totally shy.

Here are my questions for you.

He seems to be holding his poopy in for very long periods of time and waits until the last minute to tell me. Sometimes to the point that he will grab his butt - we run to the potty, and then nothing happens. This happens a couple times in a row, then we have a “real” trip to the potty and he gets half in his underwear and half in the toilet. Is this normal? Any recommendations on high fiber foods to give him?

How long should I wait before taking my son on a weekend trip - unfamiliar toilets / travel / accommodations? Do you have any recommendations on how long to wait to make sure potty training is “ingrained” before hitting the road. (I suspect the answer will be “it depends on your child’s temperament”; but maybe there are general timelines to help insure success.

Thanks again for your book - I have been recommending it all over the place! (even strangers in baby’s r us)!

Lorri Anderson

Zach & Taylor’s mommy

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