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Sunday, June 17th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

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Here is the original message i sent to you….

it is the beginning of the 4th day. yesterday morning i thought i was going to loose my mind. i felt like we were going backwards instead of forwards. so many accidents and so much frustration. i think in part i am a working mom, and i was at the point i was sick and tired of being in a house for three days looking at his penis all day. we did everything imaginable, baked a cake, play dough, arts and crafts, music and dance time, reading, swinging and outside play, trains, cars etc….i don’t know how all you stay at home moms do it. i told my girlfriend, my 150 $ a week in daycare is a good investment. i think i would be on xanax if not! LOL. my hats off to you!

in the afternoon my husband stayed with him while i got out and ran some errands. and i got a phone call that he pooped on the potty and hasn’t had an accident since. he woke up dry from his nap and this morning as well. so far so good this morning. he went to the potty twice already no accidents. after i felt like we had a breakthrough with the poop i felt relieved and started enjoying things. i had to change my way of thinking. i have never seen my kid so happy and so proud of himself. we even went out to dinner last night with no problems.

so what should i expect from here on out? i know that he will still have accidents somewhat. now that it has clicked, how long do i keep following this method until he initiates going to the bathroom on his own? do i continue to keep waking him up 1 hour after bedtime to take him to the potty, and how long do i do that for?

any suggestions for dealing with him while out and about for the day? what do i do if he starts grabbing himself and i have no potty to get to in time? how long before he actually tells me verbally that he has to go? as you can imagine while in a store or visiting with friends you get wrapped up in conversation and not watching him every second of the day. so it would be hard to catch him if he is only giving physical (grabbing) signs. what do i do in these cases?

again, thank you for your support and advise, although thru this process i thought at some point the white coats were going to come and carry me away. LOL

potty training is almost as bad as having an infant sucking on boobs every two hours and getting no sleep! LOL

thanks again!

p.s. i would like to add since you have been gone, it is now the end of day 5. i woke up this morning to the sounds of keagan’s potty chair playing music. i looked and he was in the bathroom with his pants around his ankle going to the potty. i can’t believe it! we had to take an hour trip one way to my husbands grandfather’s house for father’s day. he waited until we got there and pee’d in the potty. we have been accident free today! we are headed back to daycare tomorrow and i am less apprehensive then i was a couple of days ago. his is like this strong little boy with so much confidence now. it is amazing to watch! i think he will do fine, but i still am worried about her putting him in pull ups. thru this whole process i have only had to change his sheets twice. it was the best investment i have ever made. thank you.

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