My Son

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

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hi lora thank you so much for your guidelines. i used your knowledge to help potty train my son who is over 32 months old. i never thought id be able to do it from all the scary stories ive heard but in 3 days it wasnt scary its more of a miracle MAGIC IS WHAT I CALL IT. My son got it by the end of the first day we went out i know which i shoulnt have but in front of all my family who have kids and known are trained yet he said i need to go pee we went and he did a pee in the potty. second day one accident a bm in the diaper otherwise dry third day dry all day. thank you thank you. trust me this works.

Aside from that lora i cant get my son to poo in potty tried all your recomandaitions, nothing let me know?

thanlks jc

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