I’m a true skeptic by nature

Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 7:54 am

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I am a true skeptic by nature. My daughter is SUPER STUBBORN. She even told me one day, put a diaper on me so that I can go to the bathroom. It was at that point that I knew she was READY. Being a teacher, I knew I would have extended time at home in a couple of weeks so I began telling her that June 1st was “All Panties All the Time”. I had been trying the padded panties with zero success and was getting VERY frustrated. June 1st and 2nd weren’t viable options for training so we began on June 3rd. That morning I was searching the internet for training methods and ran across your book. We went to the store in her padded panties and purchased everything that we needed.

She had a LOT of accidents that day. I figured it was a giant failure but stuck with it. The next day we had two accidents in the morning and NONE the rest of the day. The next morning she woke up dry and has stayed that way ever since. A little less than a day and half and she’s all done. We went to a water park this week and she remembered to tell me that she needed to go…no more swimmie diapers either.

Thanks a million!!!
Andrea in Indiana

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