Re: Potty Training Boys

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 at 6:56 am

Individual experience. Results will vary.


Never wrote before, ordered your e-book in March. I had originally thought about potty training by son in November/December 2006, but with a 10 day trip to London, thought not the best thing to start–being in a strange city and country, not knowing where potties are–decided to wait til we returned home in January. I mentioned to my son we needed to start potty training. He informed me he was not big enough and he wanted to wait til he was 3. (He was very verbal around 18 months). I heard what he said, caught a tad off guard, but agreed.

So ordered your book in March, he turned 3 in March and one day after his birthday, we did 3 day potty training. I will admit I did not follow your advice to the letter. I pulled what I needed/wanted and low and behold my son was potty trained in 3 days. Real underwear, real toilets, waking us up sometimes at 2a. or 5a. for help to tinkle.

I was estactic I discovered your e-book and was grateful I believed the ad I read which lead me to order your book. I am grateful I spent the money for this book, your method(s) versus waisting money on various books, pullups or padded underwear, little potties or other useless items.

So I must admit I was surprised when you are recommending Peter Potty for boys.

Personally I would not want some plastic thing in my bathrooms. We have a padded seat ring to make our big potties more his size for when he prefers or needs to sit. We also taught him to aim for the water at all times. Does he make it every time? No, but we also teach him to clean up after himself.
He loves being responsible, loves to help around the house, loves to be working on projects. So cleaning up around the toilet after he uses, is good and good for him.

I personally think anyone with boys should do the same. Someday they will have to leave the house–college, first apartments, etc. They should know how to cook, do laundry, pay bills and clean a bathroom.

So instead of paying $39.95 (on sale) for Peter Potty, show the big men and the little men in your life where the cleaning cloths are & have them contribute to the household chores. Someday they will appreciate it and so will the women in their lives.

Just my opinion. Again, I followed your advice and it worked wonderfully. We are done & trained.

I think if you stick with the advice you write, kids do not need any “seperate” potties/urnals.


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