Woo-hoo! Success!

Saturday, March 17th, 2007 at 7:53 pm

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From Mike Thompson regarding Duncan

Woo-hoo! Success!

The biggest thing we learned from your method was to be consistent and to plan ahead to make sure we had the time (several days) to commit to potty, potty, potty. We were not doing well in those respects and once we got consistent and committed, woo-hoo!

Duncan is going to be 4 in August, and we were getting worried that his refusal to do number two was going to impact his ability to start JK.

He did it!

We might be the only family to actually send video of the big event, but I couldn’t resist. Taking a video is one of the ways we reward the kids for doing well because it lets them know just how happy we are with their achievement. Just because it was the potty doesn’t mean there was no video…

Here you go, and thanks very much.

Mike Thompson
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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