I Think It’s Already “Clicked” for Laith (Our Son)

Saturday, December 16th, 2006 at 10:39 am

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I am so excited to report that we started your system today and it’s working! Amazing. I think it’s already “clicked” for Laith (our son) about the potty. This morning, I found he had a wet pull-up from sleeping the night. But, I still decided to start the system today. Like you said, at 32 mths, he is old enough to be trained.

One hour after his first accident and 3 hours after officially starting, he was looking for a place to hide. I asked if he had to use the potty. He said, “potty” and walked towards his potty. We took down his pants and sat him on the toilet. he started to go and probably output 4 oz. You can imagine the excitement my partner and I showed him. He was very proud of himself.

Now, he comes to me, takes me by the hand and says “potty.” I take down his pants, sit him on the potty, and he goes. Afterward, he says, “okay, put pants back on.” :-)

I don’t want to get too overly enthusiastic but we are greatly encouraged. We even called his grandmother at work and had her praise him. I can’t believe how simple yet effective your system is.

I will keep you posted on the progression. The next challenge is to see how he goes #2. And, then, eventually, how he fares going outdoors.

Thank you so much,
Asya and Nate

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