4 Kids Potty Trained at the Same Time

Thursday, September 21st, 2006 at 11:03 am

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I had my doubts about doing your program at the beginning. I mean how can I get 4 kids potty trained in 3 days?

I am a in-home childcare provider. I had 4 kids in my childcare, one of them being my own daughter, ready for potty training. I visited your website and decided I had nothing to lose trying your 3 day potty training method. After recieving your book and reading through it I again thought, “Oh Boy, I am going to be potty training 4 kids, what a mess this is going to be.” I informed all of my parents what I was planning on doing and that they needed to do this with me when the children are at home. My parents were very excited and so with the help and support behind me we began on Monday, September 18, 2006. The first day I was a little nervous, but I was shocked that by the end of the day all 4 children were excited and having a lot of fun potty training. I made a sticker chart for all the kids to use and whenever they went pee pee in the potty they got to put a star sticker on their chart and they got 5 M&M’s, if they went Poo Poo in the potty they got a big sticker of their choice and 10 M&M’s. Well I have to say after 3 days of this, my 3 year old in my childcare was completely potty trained and going to the potty by herself and only had 1 accident in the 3 days. My daughter who is 2 1/2 years old has not had a accident in 48hrs and even pee’d in a cup at the doctors office! My 2 year old boy in my childcare was terrified of the potty when we started and now he too has not had a accident in 48hrs and has even poo poo’d twice in the potty. My 19 month old girl in my childcare loves using the potty and even thought she still has a couple of accidents she is starting to figure out how to tell me when she needs to go.

So Thank you Very much for all the wonderful advice, I now have 4 children I don’t have to change diapers with anymore.

Gratefully Yours
Candice the Childcare Provider

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