Success Story

Nervous About Traveling - But She Did AMAZING!

I already wrote one success story, but I figured this was worthy of another. It took my daughter 5 days to "get" it, but then on Day 7, we were headed out of town for the weekend. I was SOOO nervous about it because it was a 2 1/2 hour trip one way and we were planning to go to the Zoo and do a lot of running around shopping and whatnot. I was actually dreading the trip, but did as you said and put her in panties and took the car seat as well as a "bye bye bag" as you called it, but we called it a "potty bag". She did AMAZING! She would tell us when she needed to go and we’d pull the car over and she’d do it! She even went in public restrooms without hesitating! She held it until we could reach a bathroom as well! Not one accident since Day 5 and I’m a TRUE believer in this system! I’m telling everyone I know and they are ready to try it! Thank you for this wonderful experience!!!

Jami Jantz

Success Story

The Doctor Recommends Lora’s Program

Question: Hi I was wondering if anyone has used the 3 day potty training ebook by Lora Jensen. Did it work?

Answer: the doctors i use to work with used it told everyone in the office how wonderful it was. he even started recommeding it to the patients. other coworkers bought the book and it worked for them as well. it’s a simple concept. if you devote those 3 days to the potty training it does work. (given that the child is ready and old enough). i used the basic methods in the book and my son was potty trained over a 3 day holiday weekend. good really does work

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In the news: Lora's 3 Day Potty Training on ABC 6 Philadelphia (and ABC 13 Houston and ABC 7 Chicago and ABC 11 Raleigh and ABC 30 Fresno)

Be sure to read every single word below to discover the key to potty training even the most stubborn child and build your child's self-esteem at the same time - guaranteed.

I want to make something perfectly clear: YOU ARE IN THE PERFECT POSITION TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHILD IN 3 DAYS! Why? Because 3 Day Potty Training gives you the information you need to be successful, and if you run into questions, I can give you one-on-one mentoring in the helpdesk.

The ebook teaches you:

... And What Exactly Is In The Ebook?


Potty Training Questions

"I've already started potty training. Can I Still Use Your Method?"

Yes. When you use my method, you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend toilet training so you can be completely done, once and for all.

"Do I Have To Buy Any Specialized Products?"

No, you do not have to purchase any potty training dolls or gadgets.

"Does This Work On Stubborn Children?"

Absolutely. 3 Day Potty Training is very accomodating of child temperaments. How you work with a stubborn child is the same as how you work with any other child. You will not have a tug-of-war with your child.

"Will This Be Stressful On My Child? Will My Child Feel Pressured?"

No. My method is very nurturing. If you follow 3 Day Potty Training this will be a positive experience for your child. Your child will not feel pressured to perform correctly, and you are not to scold or punish the child when accidents happen.

"Does This Work For Both Boys And Girls?"

Yes. The principles and method do not favor one gender over the other.

"Will my child have to run around naked for 3 months?"

No. I do not recommend that you let your child run around the house naked (or bottomless) - not even for one day.

"Is the ebook a quick read?"

Yes. Be prepared to spend 45-60 minutes reading it the first time.

"Every child is different. Will This Work For My Child?"

My method accomodates children with a wide range of personalities, temperaments and developmental challenges. If you run into problems, one-on-one mentoring is available to help you and your child through this transition.

Included with your purchase is one-on-one support. I don't give just 1 or two sentence responses, but several paragraphs. You can read what other parents have said about this support on the testimonials page.

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